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Leverage the Power of Reviews to Multiply Your Business



By Responding To Reviews

  • Show Customers That You Care

  • Improve Your Online Reputation

  • Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

  • Rank Higher In Google

  • Turn A 1 Star Review Into A 5 Star Experience

Watch How You Can Generate More Business


85% of Consumers

Think Reviews Older Than 3 Months Aren't Relevant


Comprehensive Training And Development

Our system has been developed and fine-tuned by a team of highly skilled engineers and data scientists, who have ensured that it provides accurate and relevant responses to customer reviews online.

ScalabilityComprehensive Training And Development

The AI responder can handle a large volume of customer reviews, making it easier to scale customer service operations as a business grows... All for FREE!

Consistency And Accuracy

The AI responder can provide consistent and accurate responses to customer reviews, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring that every customer receives a timely and appropriate response.

Increased Customer Engagement

By promptly responding to customer reviews, an AI responder can increase customer engagement and show customers that their feedback is valued. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, sales and revenue increase.

Get Feedback On Your Business After The Sale

Know your business's pain points before they become a problem in mere minutes

SMS & Email Powered To Quickly Get Great Reviews

Only customers who truly enjoyed your service will leave feedback on review sites

Stop Bad Customer Reviews In Their Tracks

Our system assures bad experiences are never left online on review sites

Which Coffee Shop Would You Visit?

All 3 serve the same products

Coffee Shop #1

User Review (682)

The Answer: Coffee Shop #1  Why?:  Almost all customers look for businesses with great reviews, new reviews, and lots of reviews

Coffee Shop #2

User Review (23)

Coffee Shop #3

User Review (182)

One Simple Plan = More 5 Star Google Reviews!

Our Powerful Features

Some of our clients boast more than 50 new 5-star google reviews per month

Customizable Portal With Business Logo & Branding

Unlimited Text Messages

Unlimited Review Websites

Ability To Integrate Social Media Remarketing

Unlimited Customer Reviews

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Real Time Email Notifications

Review Request Reminders Sent To Clients

Showcase Your Client Testimonials

Send Review Request By Email, and Text Message

Dedicated Customer Service Support

Check Out How It Works

Everything will be customized to your company, including your logo, matching colors, customized questions for your business.

Let's Build Your Reputation

Step 1

Invite all customers to review your business from any device

Step 2

We provide you a simple Review Platform that is easy and effective

Step 3

Your business gets 5 Star reviews which you can use as social proof


We know that we can help you get new, ongoing, 5 Star reviews, so we have eliminated all hesitations by giving you a FREE 14 Day Risk Free Trial to use our platform and see how valuable it can be for your business. If you give our Review Platform a try and you end up deciding it's not for you, you can cancel at any time.


BoosturReviews is an easy, effective, valuable service for your business. Our team will provide you speedy service, and expert guidance on the most effective ways to use the platform. If at any point and for any reason, you decide this service is no longer wanted, you can canel at any time.

Special Offer

FREE 14 Day Trial

Let's make it easier and more effective to multiply your 5 Star Reviews, making sure you can easily and effectively respond to all your reviews, so that we can increase your business.

$49/month or $499

Start Your FREE Trial Now

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Just click on the question

    BoosturReputation starts as low as $147 per month and it comes with a 14 Day MoneyBack Guarantee. The value is huge as just improving your reputation just a little bit, increases traffic to your business by as much as 19%.

    You can integrate with all of them. We have built-in integrations for over 100 review websites as well as allow you to add your own sites seamlessly to the platform.

    It is completely up to you, but you can be notified immediately, daily, weekly, monthly, or even all of the above if you would like. You can receive both basic notifications as well as detailed notifications.

    Yes, BoosturReputation works on all platforms, operating systems, and devices including mobile and tablet. Any device that can access the internet.

    Your 5 Star link can be sent to customers through our Text Technology, as well as Email, as well as being placed on your website. The unlimited media platform system creates many different types of fliers and posters that already include the QR code to your Review Page. We make it very easy to provide your customers a simple and effective way to give you 5 Star Reviews.

    Yes, not only can you put your 5 Star Review platform on your website so that customers can give you reviews straight from your website, but you can also have your live, ongoing 5 Star reviews be broadcast on your website so that potential customers can see what a great job you all do.

    Yes. Not only can you import all your new customers and their reviews from the platform, you can also import lists of past customers into the platform to give them the opportunity to give you great reviews.

    There are never any cancellation fees or penalties. You are on a month to month subscription, and we will work hard to make sure that you are getting the amazing results all our clients are getting. If for any reason at all, you decide this platform is not for you, you can easily cancel at any time without and penalties.

    Absolutely. First you will get training, including a video on how to use the platform, as well as best practices on getting your best results. And at any time, if you are having any issues whatsoever, just reach out to us and we will quickly make sure that everything is taken care of. We make sure you are getting great results as our existing clients are our best referral source. We get so many new clients from our existing happy clients. This program is all about keeping your customers happy, getting you results, and getting you new and additional business.

We will help you increase your customers, increase your revenue, enhance your customer experience, all while automating your marketing.


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