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Authority Video

from local business, to industry expert building authority and trust with Authority Boost

connect, engage, grow

Find out why making you the authority in your niche will help your business grow

Some Examples Of Authority Boost Videos



Real Estate Agent

Some Examples Of Review Authority

Jewelry Store

Automobile Manufacturer

Jewelry Store

    What Would It Cost A Company To Create?

  • Hire a professional spokes model    $700

  • Stage a Hollywood style studio      $600

  • Hire a professional videographer    $400

  • Hire a video editor                           $300

  • Hire prime time graphics animator   $200

  • SEO Optimization                            $595

  • Rank for "Company Name" and "City Reviews"

  • 100% Unique Video - Not Video Templates        

  • Perfectly Optimized Title                                      

  • Perfectly Optimized File Load                              

  • Perfectly Optimized Tagging & GEO Tagging     

  • Perfectly Optimized Desc   2% Keyword Density

  • Perfectly Optimized Citation                                

  • Automatic Syndication                    $400

  •               Total                        $3195

  • YouTube             

  • Facebook            

  • Twitter                

  • Google +            

  • Linkedin             

What goes into making these Authority Videos

  • Professionally done with spoke models

  • Prime Time Graphics and Animation

  • Ranks in Google

  • SEO Optimized

  • Syndicated all over Social Media

We will help you increase your customers, increase your revenue, enhance your customer experience, all while automating your marketing.


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